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jason andrade jason at
Tue Oct 14 15:44:01 CDT 2003

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Linda Laubenheimer wrote:

> But the 1750s only have a usb port on the front.  While the bios sees this fine, your average Linux kernel does not have this built in, but as a module.  So a reboot becomes problematic, although the power button fixes that.  Then, when the installed kernel comes up, kudzu happily finds the "new" hardware - the usb keyboard that is - and then asks you to *press any key to continue* to set up your new hardware!  Uh, if the "new" hardware is the keyboard, it won't recognize any keys!  Catch 22.

disable kudzu.  it's almost the first thing i do once the server is ready to
go 'production' as i can always re-enable it if i need it later.  i am a bit
suprised as i thought kudzu would timeout if it didn't get any keyboard input
initially and the system would keep booting.

mv S05kudzu s05kudzu

> Where am I going with this?  Well, it's a complaint, and a solicitation for suggestions.  Yes, we can plug the monitor and keyboard into the back of the boxes, risking disturbing all of the other cabling each and every time.  But it really would be nice to use a stock kernel (we don't want to recompile our kernel, it would involve months of qa time to verify afterwards), and still be able to plug a plain, ordinary, supported since the stone age, ps/2 keyboard into the front of the boxes.  We have a lot of techs working with these, and not all of them are used to fiddling with cables in back of systems.  We tried a usb -> ps/2 adapter, but that didn't work - although I don't know the brand - if people have a brand that is proven to work, I would appreciate knowing about it.

just write a little SXX script which loads the appropriate usb modules
in /etc/rc3.d - and i assume when you plug the keyboard in it should
work (i haven't tested this myself so i'm guessing..)


P.S it would be helpful if you could wrap your lines somewhere
    around 80 columns.  it's difficult to read/edit when there
    are no line breaks in your mail e.g each one is a very long
    single line.

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