Megamon obscur error message

Eric Rostetter eric.rostetter at
Mon Oct 13 12:37:01 CDT 2003

Quoting Grégoire Welraeds <gregoire.welraeds at>:

> Adapter 0 Channel 1 Target 4: Media Error Count=0, Other Error
> Count=1

Well, the device on Adapter 0 Channel 1 Target 4 had an error.  It wasn't
a media error (like bad block error), but some other kind.

> I still don't know what that means and wether I have to bother or not ?

Yes, you should bother.  At last to find out what the error is.  Usually
the driver will log something else to syslog to help further the diagnosis.
This would have been logged at the time of the error though, so you may have
to look back in your older logs to find it.

It could be a scsi bus error, or a drive error, or a memory error, or any
old kind of thing.  1 error isn't enough to panic, but surely it is enough
to research it and try to find out the cause.

> Thank you
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