ERA/MC on 1655MC and Linux

Eberhard Moenkeberg emoenke at
Mon Oct 13 06:59:01 CDT 2003


On Sun, 12 Oct 2003, Eric Rostetter wrote:
> Quoting Eberhard Moenkeberg <emoenke at>:

> > the point of accessing the embedded ERA/MC via it's web interface, I had
> > to learn that one really needs something called MS-IE-5.0 plus some more
> > from a vendor other than Dell.
> On some of the new RAC/ERA/etc cards with the very latest firmware, you
> can (I am told) use netscape or mozilla.  Don't know if that is available
> for the 1655.  Supposed to work, for example, on the 2650.

Yes surely, I have ERA/O with 1650 and ERA with 2650 in use.
ERA/MC with 1655MC is a big fall back, regarding Linux support.

Not only that you need MS-IE to access it, it needs some more proprietary
software behind MS-IE. MS-VM or what it is called.

> > The bad thing is: I _REALLY_ can't make use of the ERA/MC under Linux
> > until Harald OOstrom will find the time to debug the situation and enhance
> > his Perl PowerEdge::RAC module, and Harold semms to be out-of-office for
> > some weeks.
> What kind of problem are you having with PowerEdge::RAC?  (Maybe a slight
> chance I can help, maybe not).

This is the programmer's task next. Let's wait until Harold is back.

I have SuSE-8.2 and SuSE-9.0 running on the 1655MC blades, and the
inaccessible ERA/MC won't disturb the blades I hope.

Cheers -e
Eberhard Moenkeberg (emoenke at, em at

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