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I would take this to be a healthy sign! 

As you may know, the number of Primary Defects (AKA P-List) is the count of
blocks found to have been unusable during factory testing. The physical
location of these blocks is written to the disk controller, and when a
read/write is attempted onto one of these blocks the controller moves the
read/write to a different location. 
The Grown Defects List (AKA G-List), is another list held by the disk
controller, updated with locations identified as faulty when a read/write
produces a CRC mismatch. The block is usually tested multiple times by the
disk controller (invisible to the host controller) and if is proven faulty,
assigned to the G-List where the disks controller again diverts reads/writes
to a safe location.

So, I expect that the lack of a list on your disk controllers highlights the
fact that no defects have been identified on the disk platter since

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I think that this issue has appeared on the list before
but I have failed to find a solution posted

I have a PE4400 running RedHat 9 with kernel 2.4.20-20.9.
RAID firmware is v2.7.1.3571 A01 and afaapps-2.7-1 is installed.

When I run afacli

disk show defects (0,0,0)


Executing: disk show defects (BUS=0,ID=0,LUN=0)

Number of PRIMARY defects on drive: 7692
                                                         Number of GROWN 
defects on drive: 0

However, in the log file I see the following

Oct  7 10:34:34 sonnet kernel: aacraid:ID(0:00:0); Error Event 
Oct  7 10:34:34 sonnet kernel: aacraid:ID(0:00:0); Recovered Error 
Oct  7 10:34:34 sonnet kernel: aacraid:ID(0:00:0); Grown Defect List Not 

The same thing happens if I choose any of the other seven
drives. Other commands (container list, disk list, disk show space)
indicate no problems with the RAID array.

Should I be worried?

Jean Lofts

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