perc3: 1: importing containers; 2: snapshots

Eric Rostetter eric.rostetter at
Sun Oct 12 20:17:01 CDT 2003

Quoting Matthew Burgoon <dell at>:

> > i believe this is what people have been installing LVM for as it is meant
> > to allow you to do FS snapshots.  of course this probably doesn't help
> > you in your current config..
> Yeah, and with ext3, the kernel doesn't like an LVM snapshot of a
> mounted ext3 partition due to the extra flag, the partition has to be
> re-mounted read-only, which I can't do. But you're right, doesn't help
> me in my current situation regardless.

The correct code is in the current RH kernel to support ext3 snapshots, but is
disabled by default.  Just rebuild the kernels from RedHat's sources and
config files, but define LVM_VFS_ENHANCEMENT in ./drivers/md/lvm.c
and then ext3 snapshots will work.

> Also, one of the DB mirrors will be solaris using DiskSuite, which
> doesn't allow for snapshots in the netapp (or even linux LVM sense), but
> you can simply remove the disk from the mirror with a command and mount
> it as you normally would, do what you're gonna do, and add it back in
> once you're done. I've been doing this for years. Hence my frustration
> with this perc3 card.

Solaris 8 after a certain date, and Solaris 9 have a file system snapshot
ala LVM.

I know none of that helps you, but I wanted to make sure the info is
out there for others, etc.

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