PERC4+Rh7.3+PE1750 megaraid (http: // RH7.3 question

Matt Domsch Matt_Domsch at
Sun Oct 12 15:45:01 CDT 2003

>    I could not find this file on ('course it was my first
>    place to look :P) under poweredge 1750.
>    scsi raid -> redhat linux -> english
>    select -> LSI Logic PERC 4/Di
>    they got:perc-rh9-1.18h-2.4.20-9-a04.tar.gz
>    the firmware and apps.
>    Maybe you can get someone to add it there or something.

No, I see why it isn't available through  The RHL7.3
PERC4/Di megaraid 1.18f driver (which worked for you) was released for
the PowerEdge 2600 specifically.  That was the first (and only)
platform with PERC4/Di which was also tested with RHL7.3.  The PE1750
which you have was tested with RHL8.0 and RHL9, but because of our
"test N and N-1" policy and the timing of when the platform began
sales, N=RHL9 and N-1=RHL8.0.

Unfortunately, that also means that we can't go back and post that
same file for the PE1750 (or 2750), because it wasn't tested on it,
and only "officially tested and supported" files get links on

So, I'm glad it exists, but you got lucky it existed for another
platform.  This is also a big part of what DKMS is designed to solve -
one can generate a driver disk with whatever driver version you may
need, for whatever kernel/OS release you may need it for, to get your
job done, even though it isn't officially tested and supported by

You may wish to consider upgrading to RHL9, or more preferred, RHEL2.1
(or when available RHEL3), as RHL7.3 hits end-of-support-life from Red
Hat in <3 months.


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