PERC4+Rh7.3+PE1750 megaraid ( RH7.3 question

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Sun Oct 12 11:00:00 CDT 2003 didnt work. But thanks to
google I found a diff link at:

Giving it a try now.

I'm glad I got the information from 'the man' himself :P.

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RH7.3 question

> The default RH 7.3 kernel doesnt support the PERC4 Di/S RAID controller,
> stated from . It says 1.18f is
> however I think RH 7.3 uses 1.18a.

You really want the driver disk posted on for this.
This has megaraid 1.18f.

> I went to a shell, mounted the disk, and tried to
> modprobe it, however it failed due to lots of (unresolved) errors. I
believe I compiled
> to the wrong kernel source tree or something.

Making driver disks isn't trivial, unless you use DKMS. :-)

> Instead, is it possible to do an on the fly compile of the megaraid.c
> module. I was using megaraid 1.18k.

See if you really want to go this route, or
just use the driver disk provided on the link above.

> Also it says on the website :
> Red Hat Linux 7.3 (kernel 2.4.18-3) includes megaraid v1.18a, and works
with all LSI/AMI MegaRAID controllers. It
> doesnt work with the megaraid controller used in the PE1750 server.
> This above statement isn't correct.

Indeed, it was, then we released new controllers.  I should avoid using
the word "all".  I'll fix it soon as I can - I've got a moratorium on
changes to as we start moving content over to a
server which I can edit freely.


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