perc3: 1: importing containers; 2: snapshots

Mark Roberts vaultdweller at
Sun Oct 12 00:00:00 CDT 2003

> Yeah, and with ext3, the kernel doesn't like an LVM snapshot of a
> mounted ext3 partition due to the extra flag, the partition has to be
> re-mounted read-only, which I can't do. But you're right, doesn't help
> me in my current situation regardless.

It may not help you now, but, if you want to try lvm in the future, I've 
successfully created snapshots of ext3 file systems in RH by passing the 
sb option to mount. However, I have no idea if the data on the snapshot 
can be trusted. For example,

# lvcreate -l 100 -s -n snapshot /dev/h_vg/h_lv
# mount -o ro,sb=131072 -t ext3 /dev/h_vg/snapshot /snapshot

This should create a snapshot and mount it on /snapshot. Any superblock 
except the first should work. For the fs I tried this on, 131072 happens 
to be the location of a backup superblock. The command dumpe2fs can be 
used to find the locations where backup superblocks are stored.

I've been waiting for months for RH to fix this bug,

-- Mark Roberts

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