perc3: 1: importing containers; 2: snapshots

jason andrade jason at
Sat Oct 11 23:26:01 CDT 2003

On Sat, 11 Oct 2003, Matthew Burgoon wrote:

> I will once I'm able to reboot, which requires me to get this snapshot
> first :/

i'm not entirely sure why you need a snapshot before you reboot.

> > enclosure prepare slot 0 <number of slot>
> >
> > you should then be able to take this to another machine.
> Hmm. I'm not next to the box to try this. Would I have to do this
> command before I yanked the disk? Would it let me do this to a disk

yes.  this prepares the slot for removal of a disk.  for example if
you had a failed disk in a mirror before you replacing it you'd
run the above command.  running it on a slot with a work disk simply
simulates a failure.

> that's currently in a mirror? If not, and I unmirror the disk first,
> will that screw over the data so that it's useless? I'll certainly try
> it tomorrow though.

you don't want to unmirror the disk first if you want the second disk
to effectively be a 'snapshot'



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