Booting from CD on a PE 2650 problem...

C.M. Connelly cmc at
Sat Oct 11 20:39:00 CDT 2003

If the machine is booting from a Red Hat Linux CD, you'd know
because it wouldn't look like a normal boot -- RHL 9, for example,
has a graphical banner across the top half of the screen, with
some hints about options below and a prompt.  If you weren't in
the room and it was booting from an install CD, it should go on to
the first step of the install (for RHL 9 and 7.3, you'd find it on
the first screen of the graphical installer).

If you have some other kind of recovery CD, it might be possible
to find out whether the machine had booted from the CD by checking
the running kernel (which would probably be older than the current
kernel if you'd made the CD a while back).


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