perc3: 1: importing containers; 2: snapshots

Matthew Burgoon dell at
Sat Oct 11 19:55:00 CDT 2003

I've got a couple of questions, and as I'm now beating my head against
the wall in frustration, I am now sending email to this list begging for
help and ideas. I have a poweredge 2450 with a Perc3/Si running firmware
build #2951.

Here's my basic need: I need to take a snapshot of a live file system
that is sitting on top of a mirrored container. Assume I cannot reboot
the machine, remount the file system read only, let alone unmount the
disk at all, and doing a tar isn't an option. It must be a real-time

In playing around with this stuff, it seems that I cannot do a container
split on a mirror that is opened (despite the fact that I can unmirror
it, which I've tried, and then made a volume out of that and mount it,
but no luck, moves the start of the disk or something.) I've tried
various permutations of this, turning the mirror into a volume,
promoting it, doing an mmirror, blah blah blah. Nothing I tried did the
trick. I also thought if I paused the I/O that it would let me split it
then, but turns out that there is no container pause_io or equivalent
that it will let me run (even though there *is* a resume_io, and I can
run it.)

So, I thought perhaps if I just yank the disk, put it into another 2450
with a Perc3/Si controller, I could just import what it would think is a
degraded mirror. But I cannot figure out how to get it to do this, and I
would hope this is possible. Anyone know? Nothing shows up in disk show
partition/space, container list, nada.

If anyone could provide me with some commands, ideas, facts, suggestions
or a lot of beer so the problem magically goes away, it would be greatly


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