F10 and F12 functions on boot up, PE 2650

Eberhard Moenkeberg emoenke at gwdg.de
Sat Oct 11 11:32:00 CDT 2003


On Sat, 11 Oct 2003 support at codefit.com wrote:

>> > Anyone know what the purpose of the F10 and F12 function keys are?
>> > On the A06 BIOS of the PE 2650 during boot up?
>> You should upgrade your BIOS right now. A16 is current, and the first
>> screen answers your questions.

> Thanks for the info Eberhard,
> Do you have a URL for upgrade Instructions
> for upgrading the BOIS?
> Also a URL for the BIOS download?  Or should I get the
> upgrade on disk from Dell?

If you made it up to this mailinglist, you should be able to
start with http://www.dell.com/ and make your way to the support
pages for the PE 2650.
There you find a section BIOS with some misleading files plus one actual
file. Look for the time stamps. Last week A16 was actual.

Then, you simply have to download one file, and then you only have to
order a new server at Dell, with Dell's favourite operating system
preinstalled, and then cou can create a diskette from the downloaded BIOS
file. This diskette will boot and fully guide you through the BIOS
flashing process.

After this, keep your new Dell .exe processing server because the day
may be very far that Dell is able to deliver non-proprietary tools to
support their Linux servers...

I cant't guide you directly, because "my" start is www.dell.de, and if I
use www.dell.com, I get fucked off by Dell's superior webmaster tricks.

Cheers -e
Eberhard Moenkeberg (emoenke at gwdg.de, em at kki.org)

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