PE1600SC Embedded Intel NIC with RHL 7.2

Zach Johnson zach.johnson at
Sat Oct 11 09:13:01 CDT 2003

Got the latest driver and followed instructions provided by Intel at 

An rpm  was available and it installed the modules in the right  
location but I get an error trying to do insmod e1000, albeit with a  
clever hint telling me that I may need to change my IO and/or IRQ  
parameters.  Unfortunately I have no idea what these parameters should  


On Friday, Oct 10, 2003, at 17:26 Europe/London, John_Hull at  

> The embedded NIC on the 1600SC is an Intel Pro 1000 series NIC, so  
> you'll need an updated e1000 driver. You can get the latest  
> Dell-tested driver from, or the latest and greatest  
> stable source from I'm not  
> sure if we ever release binary RPMs for 7.2 on the 1600SC, so you'll  
> most likely have to get the source and compile it for you kernel.
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> Subject: PE1600SC Embedded Intel NIC with RHL 7.2
> I'm looking for details on how to update my adapter drivers for the  
> embedded NIC that ships with the PE1600SC... I've installed RHL 7.2 as  
> per instructions provided on this list  
> ( but am at a loss  
> for which driver I need! The only stuff I've been able to find on the  
> Dell KB seems to be related to adapters other than the embedded one.
> Thanks,
> Zach
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