Booting from CD on a PE 2650 problem...

C.M. Connelly cmc at
Fri Oct 10 20:22:00 CDT 2003

"s at cf" == support  <support at>

    s at cf> I'll check it again later.  I assume I have to highlight
    s at cf> the drive before toggling?  I did not see the toggle
    s at cf> option in the BIOS.

Yes.  You use the arrow keys to highlight the drive, then hit
space to toggle the check.  (You can move the drives around to
determine their precedence, as well, but you have to hit ``-'' to
move one up and ``+'' to move one down.  Wacky.)

    >> If there's a way to check that information in the BIOS
    >> after the machine is rebooted, I haven't heard about it.
    >> Even better would be the ability to change it without
    >> rebooting -- I would love to be able to tell one of these
    >> machines from my desk that this one time I want to boot
    >> from CD, and have it ready to reboot by the time I get to
    >> it with the disk....

    s at cf> Can't OMSA CLI check that boot sequence? or any other
    s at cf> SNMP application?

I don't know.  I've never really had the time to spend to figure
out everything that OMSA can or can't do.  If we're lucky, someone
else on the list who has had the time will tell us.  ;-)


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