Choosing a version of Red Hat

C.M. Connelly cmc at
Fri Oct 10 18:11:00 CDT 2003


Eric's advice is all good, but you should keep in mind that Red
Hat's release policy has just changed pretty dramatically. 

Red Hat Linux 9 works fine and is supported by and sold by Dell
for use on new PowerEdge machines.  Red Hat errata support for RHL
9 ends in April, 2004.  There won't be a later release of RHL, as
Red Hat has changed their development model.  ``RHL 10'' will be
released as Fedora Core 1.  From what I've been able to gather
from various lists, it will have Bugzilla and developer support,
but Red Hat won't be issuing errata much or at all past the date
that a new release is made.  New releases are supposed to happen
roughly every 4-6 months.  (See <>.)

There is a possibility of having community-based errata support
for Fedora Core and for some of the older Red Hat Linux releases,
but the details haven't been worked out yet.  Join the
fedora-legacy list, via
for more information.

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