Booting from CD on a PE 2650 problem...

C.M. Connelly cmc at
Fri Oct 10 17:54:00 CDT 2003

"s at cf" == support  <support at>

    s at cf> I checked the boot sequence in BIOS, I believe it was
    s at cf> set OK, the sequence was A drive, D Drive, then hard
    s at cf> disk.  On another note, how can I double check the boot
    s at cf> sequence when server is live, after booting up?

In setup, right (after pressing F2)?

It should say something more like 

   Floppy Drive
   CD-ROM Drive
   Hard Drive

You not only need to have the CD drive listed before the hard
disk, but you also need to have a check mark (a radical symbol)
next to the drives you want to boot from.  You can toggle that
check mark with the space bar.

If there's a way to check that information in the BIOS after the
machine is rebooted, I haven't heard about it.  Even better would
be the ability to change it without rebooting -- I would love to
be able to tell one of these machines from my desk that this one
time I want to boot from CD, and have it ready to reboot by the
time I get to it with the disk....


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