Booting from CD on a PE 2650 problem... help at
Fri Oct 10 15:10:00 CDT 2003


I just ran a few tests, tried to boot from a recovery CD created with tape
backup software.  How do I boot from CD?

I tried entering the F2, F10, F12 function keys on startup;
to find and select a boot from CD option, could not find it.
When I placed the recovery CD in the CD ROM and did a
'shutdown -r now' command, the server just
rebooted from Hard Disk instead of CD.

I checked the boot sequence in BIOS, I believe it was set OK, the sequence
A drive, D Drive, then hard disk.  On another note, how can I
double check the boot sequence when server is live, after booting up?

I'm using the A06 version of 2650 BIOS.

Thanks for any info.

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