Choosing a version of Red Hat

Brian Guy brian at
Fri Oct 10 12:12:00 CDT 2003

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm a bit confused as to what
version of Red Hat Linux I should choose for my servers.  I am setting up 5
PowerEdge 1600SC servers - 3 will be web servers, 1 mail server, and 1
database server.  All are 2 GHz single Xeon with 1 GB RAM.

My understanding is that Red Hat versions 8 & 9 are mostly enhancements for
a desktop scenario, and that version 7.x should be sufficient for servers.
I was going to install Red Hat 8 or 9, but I am noticing that some of the
"add-ons" I need only have drivers for 7.x (I haven't considered too
seriously the 2.x Enterprise versions since I'm trying to keep costs down).

My specific concerns are support for Dell OpenManage and support for the
Adaptec ATA RAID 2400A (in 2 of the 5 servers).  The Adaptec web site states
that Red Hat Linux driver is only available for Red Hat 7.0.  Only 2 of the
servers will have the Adaptec ATA RAID 2400A with 4 x 120 GB IDE drives (to
save $), and the other 3 servers will have software RAID with Dell OEM SCSI
drives (no PERC to save $)

I have not yet purchased the Adaptec cards, so I am also open to purchasing
the Dell CERC ATA RAID card if that makes more sense (but I cannot afford to
do PERC and/or SCSI on 2 of the 5 systems that need mass storage).

Any recommendations on best flavor of Red Hat in order to insure
compatibility with OpenManage (all 5 systems) and the Adaptec ATA RAID 2400A
(on 2 of the 5 servers) are greatly appreciated!  Also, since I am doing
software RAID in the 3 servers with SCSI (no PERC), is there any benefit to
getting the Dell distribution of Red Hat?  Does the Dell distro of Red Hat
make it easier to get OpenManage working?


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