Kernel Kompilation problem on 2.4.22, PE2650

Seth Mos knuffie at
Fri Oct 10 01:54:00 CDT 2003

At 22:14 9-10-2003 +0100, John Logsdon wrote:
>I have a problem with a bespoke kernel on 2.4.22 on a PowerEdge 2650.
>The symptoms seem similar to a problem I saw on the net with the ATM
>modules that was due to a 2.4.22 bug , but I have specifically excluded
>ATM from the configuration.  The kernel is actually from grsecurity2 but
>the error does not appear to come from that area.
>The message on booting terminated with the following report (carefully
>copied by hand!):

Can you run this thorugh ksymoops?
Output the oops to a file an parse it.

ksymoops < oops.txt

>CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL=y is also set.  I think (from a previous posting) that
>I only need AACRAID and AIC7xxx, which are included there - the rest are

It might be a good idea to compile the diskdrivers for the root fs into the 
kernel instead of modules.
That's what I do anyways, because I keep forgetting to either (re)create 
the initial ramdisk image.

>Can anyone give me a clue as to what is happening - and do we still need
>the tg3 alias for the Broadcom ethernet adaptor with 2.4.22?

The tg3 is not an alias. It tells the os which driver it needs to load to 
get a eth0 interface. Modules.conf justs lists what driver you need.


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