Broadcom driver for PE1750 and RHEL ES 2.1?

Darren Gilbert darren.gilbert at
Thu Oct 9 05:23:00 CDT 2003

Thanks for your reply Amit...

Unfortunately, this driver doesn't work for me.  It seems to install fine, but when the system is re-booted post install neither of the Broadcom NIC's are available.

We have many (~30) PowerEdge servers running RH of various flavours including RHEL ES, but this is the first PE1750, and the only one I've ever had this much trouble installing....


>>> <Amit_Bhutani at> 08 October 2003 17:00:02 >>>
>Has anyone managed to install RedHat ES 2.1 onto a PE1750?
>I've got past the PERC4/Si driver load (megaraid_2002), but 
>now can't get the bcm5700 to load successfully for the Broadcom NIC's.

Get DD image: "2.1esws-dd-multi-i686.img.gz" from 
That *should* get you past the network install. After the install, if you
upgrade to e.24 and above, the tg3 driver in the kernel should detect and
support the LOM's.

- Amit Bhutani

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