PE2650 Snmp/lm_sensors

Les Niles lniles at
Wed Oct 8 18:27:01 CDT 2003

Dell's OMSA includes a daemon (dcsnmp32d) that communicates with 
the standard UCD snmp agent, providing all the fan speeds, temps, 
etc. via the Dell MIB entries.  

In other words, load OMSA and it will Just Work.  
Don't bother with lm_sensors; it doesn't work with Dell hardware. 
(N.B.: You will need to be running some fairly recent version of 
RedHat, or else go through various gymnastics in order to get 
Dell OMSA installed and running.)

  -les  lniles at

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> On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Chris Field wrote:
> > I have a couple of poweredge 2650 servers from which i would like to
> > pull the informaiton about fan speed, temperature etc.  I 
> already have
> > net-snmp setup and working, and was just wondering if there 
> is an easy
> > way to access the information.
> yes, download the DOMSA - aka dell openmanage server 
> administrator which
> has a command line and web interface.  i believe some people have also
> done some work to produce a snmp mib interface (?) into this but you
> may have to dig through the list archives to find this.
> this is available for download from dell's website/ftp site and is
> also mirrored at:
> the current version is at 1.5.1 (aka 3.5_A01)
> there isn't any way to access the information without going 
> through dell's
> ESM (embedded systems management) interface.
> regards,
> -jason
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