PE2650 Snmp/lm_sensors

jason andrade jason at
Wed Oct 8 17:46:00 CDT 2003

On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Chris Field wrote:

> I have a couple of poweredge 2650 servers from which i would like to
> pull the informaiton about fan speed, temperature etc.  I already have
> net-snmp setup and working, and was just wondering if there is an easy
> way to access the information.

yes, download the DOMSA - aka dell openmanage server administrator which
has a command line and web interface.  i believe some people have also
done some work to produce a snmp mib interface (?) into this but you
may have to dig through the list archives to find this.

this is available for download from dell's website/ftp site and is
also mirrored at:

the current version is at 1.5.1 (aka 3.5_A01)

there isn't any way to access the information without going through dell's
ESM (embedded systems management) interface.



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