RedHat 9 aacraid - system fails under extreme disk IO - Repro ducable test case

Xose Vazquez Perez xose at
Wed Oct 8 15:39:01 CDT 2003

Andrew Mann wrote:

> 	I've got some potentially interesting results on this.
> I downloaded kernel-source-2.4.20.SuSE-62.src.rpm from the Suse ftp 
> site.  It's laid out very nice for this purpose.  It's separated into 
> the stock 2.4.20 kernel with patches for each arch (and a common patch

latest SuSE kernel is:
but here there is no sources, I don't know.

Get previous source from:

Best option is to build RHEL 2.1 kernel:
or latest beta from:
RHEL 2.1 kernel gets *_much better_ performance and stability*.

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