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Due to the way the cdrom interfaces with the system you 
cannot use a standard type cdrom.  You need the type that
is used in laptops and can order one from Dell and just
swap it out for the one that is there. 9T494 is a combo
dvd rom/cdrw and 

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I have a 1/3 height CD ROM in a PE 2650 mounted in a front bay device holder
(not sure what you call it) which slides into a front bay.  The device
holder also has a 1/3 height floppy drive mounted in it - both CD ROM and
floppy drive are in one front bay.  I'd like to swap in a CD - RW to replace
the ROM.

The CD ROM in it now is a Samsung cd-master24E, model SN-124 24x, it was
shipped with the 2650.  I don't ever use the floppy drive so it does not
matter if the CD RW is a larger unit - I might remove floppy.

What model Samsung (or other) CD RW unit would Dell or anyone else reccomend
for the 2650?

Will either a half height or a full height CD RW fit into one of the front
expansion bays?

Would I need a device holder for a larger CD RW?  Can I use the same one I

What is the connector type on the Samsung CD RW as shipped?

What's the technical name of the device holder?

There is a ribbon cable which connects drives to the device holder.  Is it
the same connector type on cable as is the holder - to - bay connector?

Thanks for any info.

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