CD - RW recommendations for PE 2650 support at
Wed Oct 8 08:57:15 CDT 2003


I have a 1/3 height CD ROM in a PE 2650 mounted in a front bay device holder
(not sure what you call it) which slides into a front bay.  The device
holder also has a 1/3 height floppy drive mounted in it - both CD ROM and
floppy drive are in one front bay.  I'd like to swap in a CD - RW to replace
the ROM.

The CD ROM in it now is a Samsung cd-master24E, model SN-124 24x, it was
shipped with the 2650.  I don't ever use the floppy drive so it does not
matter if the CD RW is a larger unit - I might remove floppy.

What model Samsung (or other) CD RW unit would Dell or anyone else reccomend
for the 2650?

Will either a half height or a full height CD RW fit into one of the front
expansion bays?

Would I need a device holder for a larger CD RW?  Can I use the same one I

What is the connector type on the Samsung CD RW as shipped?

What's the technical name of the device holder?

There is a ribbon cable which connects drives to the device holder.  Is it
the same connector type on cable as is the holder - to - bay connector?

Thanks for any info.

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