RedHat 9 aacraid - system fails under extreme disk IO -Reproducable test case

jason andrade jason at
Wed Oct 8 07:30:00 CDT 2003

On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Thomas Petersen wrote:

> Hello DELL -- are you seeing this?  Your Linux customers are unhappy with
> your service and support!

*parts* of dell are seeing this but not the parts you really should be
talking to.  dell *engineers* frequent this list and put time and
effort.  i am sure that they also try to pass feedback 'up the line'
but you can imagine what a typical response might be..

'that matt/jeremy/steve is complaining about some linux stuff again with
 some bug and how we need to give them more resources to fix this faster.
 hmm, let's see, nope, no complaints from the sales people and we're still
 selling more servers this quarter.. bloody engineers always complaining..

if you want DELL to hear this then take it up with your account manager
and NOT this list.  this list exists for _technical_ support of linux
on the poweredge platform.  yes, we tweak that definition around a lot
but ultimately this list is not how dell do their budget allocation and
their strategic planning.. i don't think michael dell listens on here
much :-)

and this goes double with redhat.. i see a fair amount of complaints
that redhat people know about the bugs but they still aren't fixed
and the reality is that pressure is being applied in the wrong direction
in most cases.

> After thinking on this some more I've come to realize what is even more
> troubling for me is the recent purchase (within the last couple of months)
> of two (2) Dell PE 2650's that were shipped to me with these known problems.
> Making an informed decision to purchase a 2650 (with the RH OS) that has
> these known problem(s) is one thing.

unfortunately the problem while it might be known is not affecting everyone.
there have been previous posts that indicate 2650s running for months with
no problems.  i can understand the frustation of a long running 'unsolved'
problem - i've have a couple of current issues with RH since 7.3 with still
no fix in sight (in 8, or 9, in all the errata, kernels, etc) and i am not
expecting joy until perhaps RHEL3.. (at which point i'll have a real support
contract and can jump up and down 24/7 and i'm confident RH will fix the
problem then :-).

> This leads me to believe I am going to have to scrutinize new purchases even
> more so to ensure no known compatibility issues (Something I really
> shouldn't have to spend much time on as the server -is- certified with the
> RH OS).

Reviewing your vendor periodically is certainly not bad.  Please chase it
from the account/sales side so that the company can crack the whip on
engineering - perhaps they can support less of that windows stuff and
more of the linux problems when pressure gets applied..

'look matt, i KNOW you want to keep working on that Win2K problem but you're
going to have to work on this 'lee-noox' stuff for a while, the boss said



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