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That's correct...Dell BIOSes don't allow you to switch between legacy and
native mode. Most, if not all (I haven't confirmed this), current Dell
systems ship with the ICH5 SATA controller in native mode. 

The PowerEdge 400SC and Precision 360 definitely have the same controller
and native-mode SATA as the GX270. 

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> on the last point from searching it appears that RH9 has to be 
> installed with the system IDE setup in "legacy" mode, errata kernel 
> installed and then switched back into normal mode..

Not that it's all that relevant to this discussion, but something to watch
out for: Dell desktops* that use ICH5 serial ATA appear to _not support_
configuring legacy mode, and so unless you have a kernel with the ata_piix
driver, you're out of luck.

* I only know about optiplex gx270's, but I suspect that any other system
would be similar BIOS-wise. My employer recently got some optiplex gx270's
that, somewhat unexpectedly, had SATA system disks. It took a few days to
get a working install procedure for them.... Given the similarity of the
hardware, I suppose that the poweredge 400SC is also affected.

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