dell, serial ata and linux support ?

jason andrade jason at
Mon Oct 6 23:59:00 CDT 2003

I'm just looking at serial ata and wondering if

o dell has any plans to introduce SATA support in the poweredge

o is anyone using a third party SATA card in a PE server ?

o can anyone comment on SATA support in linux distros in particular
  with RH9 and/or RHEL3.  does it work 'out of the box' ?

on the last point from searching it appears that RH9 has to be
installed with the system IDE setup in "legacy" mode, errata kernel
installed and then switched back into normal mode.. which is possible
if you've got physical access to the box/bios but not very convenient
for PXE boots etc.

but there is some chance that RHEL3 has SATA support out of the box..



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