need check list of what I should do with AMI raid perc II: firmware U.77 BIOS 1.47

Matt Domsch Matt_Domsch at
Mon Oct 6 18:41:01 CDT 2003

On Mon, 6 Oct 2003, jason andrade wrote:

> On Mon, 6 Oct 2003, Diehl Jim wrote:
> > I need to build Redhat Linux 6.2 on Dell 1300 to install Informix IDS
> > 7.30.uc7 The RH 6.2 is the retail version - should I use the DELL 6.2
> > version?  Is it better and where do I get it.  Perfer CD.

has the RHL 6.2 SBE 2 install CDs.  All of the files on there were 
superceeded by Red Hat's erratas of course.  

> > 1)  do I need to upgrade firmware for PERC2,

Most likely.  Go to for the latest firmware.  Especially 
the PERC 2/SC and 2/DC controllers.  Without current firmware it won't 

> > is it possible to install firmware and drivers that are too new for RH 6.2?

> > 2)  where can I find DELL's REDHAT 6.2 SBE2 on a CD.  Is this better than the retail version?

See above.
> it's quite an old release - you may not be able to purchase this anymore from dell.  i understand

Right, we posted it because you can't buy it anymore.

> the Dell release may have had some driver tweaks added but otherwise don't know if they did very
> much to the release.  someone else (Matt?) may be able to remember.

A couple data corruption bugs, a couple driver tweaks.  Use the SBE2 CDs, 
then upgrade everything you can from a Red Hat mirror site that carries 
the 6.2 errata, or from RHN.

> > 3)  I have 5 diskettes containing DELL PERC2 RAID Management Software Ver 2.5 B2988.
> > Does this contain anything I need?
> dunno.  maybe it's a firmware update ?

Maybe even Windows software?  No idea.
> > 4)  I also have Dell openmanage Server Assistant - will this contain
> > anything to help me as well. thanks
> it would be interesting to see if this still runs on RH 6.2.  personally i doubt it.  DOMSA
> is used to get information out of the system ESM (temps, voltages etc).

I don't think any OMSA releases exist that support RHL 6.2.


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