need check list of what I should do with AMI raid perc II: firmware U.77 BIOS 1.47

jason andrade jason at
Mon Oct 6 17:23:00 CDT 2003

On Mon, 6 Oct 2003, Diehl Jim wrote:

> I need to build Redhat Linux 6.2 on Dell 1300 to install Informix IDS 7.30.uc7
> The RH 6.2 is the retail version - should I use the DELL 6.2 version?  Is it better and where do I get it.  Perfer CD.

if you're installing it on a dell box and you have the $$ it is better to
try and order the dell version.  otherwise you can download the ISO
images from a redhat mirror, e.g

> 1)  do I need to upgrade firmware for PERC2,
> is it possible to install firmware and drivers that are too new for RH 6.2?

it is very unlikely that if you install the latest firmware this will invalidate
the controller for 6.2.  the controller will either work or it wont (and you
may need to download or create a driver disk..).

> 2)  where can I find DELL's REDHAT 6.2 SBE2 on a CD.  Is this better than the retail version?

it's quite an old release - you may not be able to purchase this anymore from dell.  i understand
the Dell release may have had some driver tweaks added but otherwise don't know if they did very
much to the release.  someone else (Matt?) may be able to remember.

> 3)  I have 5 diskettes containing DELL PERC2 RAID Management Software Ver 2.5 B2988.
> Does this contain anything I need?

dunno.  maybe it's a firmware update ?

> 4)  I also have Dell openmanage Server Assistant - will this contain anything to help me as well.
> thanks

it would be interesting to see if this still runs on RH 6.2.  personally i doubt it.  DOMSA
is used to get information out of the system ESM (temps, voltages etc).



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