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The 1750 perc4/di is a LSI Perc. The afacli is for adaptec percs. You are
going to want to install the dellmgr package suite for administration inside
the os.

Here is a link to the driver and the apps. I have never installed the
dellmgr suite for the 1750, but I have done plenty of installs for rh 9 and
as 2.1 on the 1750 and that usually does require the driver disk from

Hope that helps,


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Do the aacraid utilities listed on Matt Domsch's website work for the
Perc4/Di in the 1750's?  I tried to install the rpm, and MAKEDEV.afa failed.
I understood Matt's instructions with regard to this particular error, but
the source that you can do that change on are listed under the "Older"

I don't have a test 1750 to play with, otherwise I would just futz around
till it did or did not work, so I am hoping someone can say "yea or nay" for
the utilities and also what needs to be done regarding the rpm install, if
anything can be done.  If the older source files will work, I would like to
know that as well.

Jay Christopherson

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