PE 2600 - PowerVault 110T SDLT and Perc 4i Matt_Domsch at
Thu Oct 2 13:07:00 CDT 2003

> We are currently in the process of replacing our existing 
> fileserver and we're considering a PE 2650 with a Perc 4DI and a
> 110T SDLT.  Our intention is to configure the server for RAID 5 (3 drives)
> the first channel with the Tape mechanism on the second.
> Is this possible/practical/feasible?  My major concern is the 
> tape device interfering with the RAID.

By setting the second channel of the PERC 3/Di to "SCSI" mode instead of
"RAID" mode in the BIOS, and loading the aic7xxx SCSI driver after aic7xxx
in /etc/modules.conf, a completely separate device driver handles the device
with the tape attached - it can't mess up the RAID.

Tape drives don't belong on the same SCSI bus as RAID disks.  That way lies


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