RACVNC on PE 2650

H Eskin heskin at eskin.net
Thu Oct 2 12:50:00 CDT 2003

I'm not trying to bring up an old thread (I did read it all), but I do have one question.

I was able to access the racvnc service with a windows VNC client on my PE2650 by connecting to :81 as indicated in previous threads.  I had to recreate the /var/racvnc/passwd file, but it works.  The documentation also says that this access "does not display the actual primary system console of the managed system. Instead, RACVNC provides a virtual desktop that the remote user can use to execute systems management applications."  That's fine, although that would be nice. 

So, my question is what does RACVNC service provide that running the standard VNC server does not?


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