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Thu Oct 2 10:23:00 CDT 2003

Quoting "Collins, Kevin" <KCollins at>:

> All of this thread is well and good, but it *still* doesn't answer the basic
> question I asked last week:

It was answered.

> If I choose *not* to install RHEL, and choose instead to go with SuSE or
> Debian or Slackware, will I still be able to get (at least) this mailing
> list's help and support after April '04? (ie When Red Hat 9 ceases to
> exist.)

Yes, if not from Dell/RH then from the other members on this list.  But since
the Dell folks help with SuSE and what have you now on this list and on their
web pages, why would they stop?  And surely the others on this list will still
help out.

The name of the mailing list is "linux-poweredge" and not "redhat-poweredge".

> I understand (and can live with) the lack of phone support, but this list
> has been invaluable to me for help with my Poweredges.

It is more than phone support.  You may also be lacking some driver support,
OMSA support, etc.  But this list should continue.  It is a community list.

My guess is if Dell did stop the list, which I really doubt they would,
then someone else would probably take it over and keep it alive.   It is
too valuable to too many people that we would all just let it die.

> Kevin

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