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We're using SuSE 8.2 ( standard version )  on our PE6650 and without 
much to cry about.  The HyperThreading issues make me nervous, having
heard and read a lot about it here in this mailing list, so we turned it
but the server  seems to be performing well with it turned off, and
we've got it hooked up to EMC Symmetrix, and the 2.4.22 Kernel from  

We were forced to install an RPM-based system on our 6650 in order to
meet a few requirements for some softwares, but no problems otherwise.
SuSE also had a few features for our enterprise environment that seemed
to be easier to deal with than RH, but this of course is purely
emotional on my part, I just like Yast better than what I've seen
elsewhere--at least for our enterprise.  :-)  SuSE seems to be improving
dramatically with each new release, not to suggest RH isn't but I have
to say it's worth downloading for free and at least checking it out.
SuSE 9 is around the corner too.

We're also using Gentoo on another PE, again, little to complain about.
But Gentoo is without a lot of GUI help, you're going to be a
command-line commando there.

BTW SuSE evidently has pleased the IBM crowd recently as well, with a
version of their SuSE Enterprise Server specifically ported to the AMD
Opteron 64-bit world on their xSeries boxes.  The latest TPC Benchmarks 
were done in that arena on SuSE, so you're in good company with SuSE.  


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Great to hear.  Thanks for the info.


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> >    If I choose *not* to install RHEL, and choose instead to 
> go with SuSE or
> >    Debian or Slackware, will I still be able to get (at 
> least) this mailing
> >    list's help and support after April '04? (ie When Red 
> Hat 9 ceases to
> >    exist.)
> Absolutely.  This list isn't Red Hat-only, I wouldn't 
> restrict discussion to Red Hat only.
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