Red Hat Fedora Project Gary_Lerhaupt at
Wed Oct 1 14:57:08 CDT 2003

Of course.  This is why we have the lists.
> All of this thread is well and good, but it *still* doesn't 
> answer the basic
> question I asked last week:
> If I choose *not* to install RHEL, and choose instead to go 
> with SuSE or
> Debian or Slackware, will I still be able to get (at least) 
> this mailing
> list's help and support after April '04? (ie When Red Hat 9 ceases to
> exist.)
> I understand (and can live with) the lack of phone support, 
> but this list
> has been invaluable to me for help with my Poweredges.
> Kevin

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