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Assuming that the default NIC for the PE650 is the Intel PRO/1000MT Dual
Port, then yes, it supports PXE. You may find that it is simply not enabled.

Watch for the following (or similar) during boot.

	Initializing Intel(R) Boot Agent Version 1.1.07
PXE 2.1 Build 083 (WfM 2.0), RPL V1.11

Also check in the BIOS setup under Boot Sequence for devices with IBA in the

If you do not see the messages or find the IBA devices in BIOS then PXE is
probably not enabled on the NIC.

To enable PXE, download:

The contents can be extracted with 'unzip'. Inside you will find a utility
named ibautil.exe. Copy the utility to a bootable DOS floppy disk and then
boot the server to that floppy. Once booted run:
	ibautil.exe -nic=1 -fe

If both interfaces are to be PXE capable, run the utility again replacing
nic=1 with nic=2. More information on ibautil can be obtained by running
ibautil -? or by reading the documentation provided in the DOSUtils package.

Once this procedure is complete the box should be able to boot PXE. You can
avoid having to press F12 by moving the NIC higher in the list of bootable
devices in the BIOS setup.

Hope this helps.

Thomas Chenault
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On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 12:45:38PM +0100, Robert Lazzurs wrote:
> I was wondering, we have just recently purchased quite a few dell 650's
> and we have noticed that we are not able to net boot them, even when
> pressing F12 on bootup.  So my questions are
> 1. Does the default nic with the 650 support network booting
> 2. Is there any way to get around having to press F12 to network boot.
> Thanks in advace, take care - RL

Ah, just the problem we have been having with them.

A quote from a mail from Dell Server support
"You can use brow.exe to configure wake on land and pxe on intel pro
adapters, this is totally unsupported by dell and is not avalible on our
website,  you use this at your own risk.  I have included a link to the
intel website,  I also have included some documentation.
If this does not work for you we can offer no futher help with pxe.

Where to get Brow"

This is to my mind pretty dodgy as Dell sold the PE650 as supporting PXE
and still claim it supports PXE. To then turn around and then tell the
customer that actually no it can't do this is criminal.

Colin Whittaker

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