PowerVault 122T firmware

John Green j.green at ukerna.ac.uk
Wed Oct 1 12:02:01 CDT 2003

Has anyone managed to upgrade there firmware on the their PowerVault 
122T to V57?

After downloading the windows self-extracting executable (!), and 
getting the resulting files across to the linux box, which was trouble 
enough, I can't get the upgrade to work.

./PV-Tools-Linux -s (which should scan the bus) gives

Attempting to identify devices, please wait.

Code update not initiated. Exiting


./PV-Tools-Linux -d /dev/sg2 (or sg1) -f PV-122T-VS80_v57.IMAGE

Target device not contactable.
Code update not initiated. Exiting


Normal tape operations such as mt and mtx work fine. /dev/sg* exist, and 
the /dev/sg2 works with mtx.  Has this worked for anyone?  I'm using 
Mandrake 9.1, but prepared to attempt it using Redhat if someone can 
confirm that this code actually works.

Thanks in advance

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