easy monitoring setup?

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Sun Mar 23 14:32:00 CST 2003


I have a PE 2650 and a PE1650.
I am in a big hurry to get these production-ready, and I'm looking at the
easiest way to get a message in case of hardware problem. I could use
of a logcheck parsing the syslog files and sending me a mail with the
lines matching. But what's the pattern I have to match? And are all
problems sent to syslog?

I'm not sure if I'd like to install OMSA. Do any of you have pros and

If you advice me to let it run on the server, how should I use it? It
seems it sends messages to syslog (prefixed by Administrator: EventID:).
Would that be a sufficient way to monitor the hardware? (Or should I
absolutely work with snmp?)

I'm using Debian and after I installed the debs and ran
/usr/lib/dell/openmanage/omsa/bin/dellomsa start
I have several process /usr/sbin/dcstor32d and /usr/sbin/dcevt32d. Where
can I find what each of the process does?

Also, is it sure OMSA doesn't bring instability on an "unsupported"
platform (Debian) ?

Thanks for your help on any of these points :-)


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