Slackware on a 1655MC jefft at
Sat Jun 21 20:51:00 CDT 2003


I know that Dell doesn't officially support it, but I'd like to install 
Slackware on 1655MC blades. I believe I can work through driver issues, but I'm 
stuck at one point.

The Slackware 9 bootable CD boots just fine from the front-panel USB CDROM 
drive. Using that, I can boot the "raid.s" kernel which includes a recent 
version of the fusion driver. After the CD boots, I can read and write the SCSI 
disks without any problem.

The problem I'm running into at that point is doing the actual install. The 
installer wants to read from a CDROM but can't find the USB CDROM. Basically, I 
need to know how to mount that CDROM, how it appears to Linux. I had thought 
that since it was booting just fine that it would magically work. I'm 
concerned, though, that the BIOS might boot the CDROM but then not present any 
generic way for Linux to mount it.

Slackware has other options for installation. For instance, I could install if 
all my files were on a partition on the hard drive, but again, I don't know how 
to see the CDROM in order to make that happen. Any hints from other Slackware 
users would be appreciated.


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