aacraid hang update (was kernel: aacraid: Host adapter reset request. SCSI hang)

Andy De Petter adepette at skybel.net
Thu Jun 19 23:27:01 CDT 2003

James Bourne wrote:

>I've been testing now with the same kernel on the same PE2650 for 5 days
>without HT on and there have been no timeouts or failures with the aacraid
>I'm positive now that HT effects the aacraid driver in such a was as
>to cause timeouts.
>If anyone wants more information, please just drop me a line.  I should be
>able to post it back within a day or two.  
>Thanks in advance and regards
>James Bourne

On the 4 2650 servers I have at my disposal here, disabling ht did not 
make any difference.

(just for your information, as ht doesn't seem to be the cause of the 
problem here)


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