Debian on PE2600?

Nicolas Ecarnot nicolas.ecarnot at
Fri Jun 13 04:39:01 CDT 2003

Selon Huahui Wu <flashine at>:

> So, it's ok to skip the "configure device driver modules", isn't it?
> Well, can't go into shell yet, so can't use df -k
> I remember what I partitioned is
> sda1 bootable /root 50M
> sda2          /     72G
> sda3          /swap 2G

Are you sure this is really the partition map you want ?

I won't go far into partitionning questions, but with such a huge HD, you
should consider using more partitions.
For example, /usr, /var, /home...

> Let me try again ...

Yes, there is a clear and simple partitionning problem.
Try again and keep us aware.

Good luck.

Nicolas Ecarnot

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