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Ed Griffin edg at
Wed Jun 11 09:32:01 CDT 2003

What is different about the QC boards that make them better performers? 
 Just curious.  I understand the PERC4 would be better as it is U320, 
but maybe I am being overly simplistic.



jason andrade wrote:

>On Tue, 10 Jun 2003, Ed Griffin wrote:
>Hi Ed,
>>depends on what you are using the system for.  Splitting the backplane
>>of the 220s is definitely recommended, there have been complaints about
>>RAID performance with the PERC controllers.  I use them primarily for
>Whilst you generally will get improved performance by splitting the
>backplane - because you are reducing bus contention by using two U160
>channels instead of one - the performance complaints with the
>PERCs are not generally alleviated all that much by this as they are
>more related to the absolute performance capable in RAID5 configs.
>The performance issues seems mainly limited to the /Si and Di ROMB and
>the PERC,2,3 SC and DC boards.  The QC boards and the new PERC4 seem
>to fare significantly better performance wise and would indeed make
>better use of the split bus config.

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