perc snmp agent fails to start

John Reuning john at
Wed Jun 4 07:50:00 CDT 2003

I just upgraded from the megaraid snmp agent to the perc snmp agent
4.06.  Before installing the percsnmp rpm, I killed off the mrdagent
processes and uninstalled the megaraid-snmp rpm.

When I run the percsnmpd init script, though, it keeps telling me:

Dell PERC SNMP Agent is already running

Only once have the percagent processes started properly, and I have no
idea why it worked that time.  I've strace'd /usr/sbin/percagent to find
the "is the process running" test (lock file, pid file, etc.), but
nothing was immediately visible.

The system is a Dell 2550 with RH 7.2 & a perc3 card (still looking for
the specific model).  Megamon was upgraded to 3.6, and MegaServ is

Any idea what's going on?  Did I miss something obvious in the
documentation?  And is the source code for the perc snmp agent available



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