System Crashes Persist

Anthony Porcano aporcano at
Mon Jun 2 13:46:00 CDT 2003

Thanks for the feedback. I am also using older BASP modules obtained
from 3Com since I could not find anything on Dell's site. However, Steve
Boley was extremely helpful in pointing out the location of the latest
BCM driver and BASP module on Dell's site. (See his post for the URL)

I have not tried this yet as we are still running hardware diagnostics,
and we will surely do so since we would like to have things stable
without swapping out hardware. However, what you are saying seems to be
the popular wisdom these days. Basically, if you want to avoid headaches
running Linux in the enterprise; don't exceed the processor's memory
limitations and use Intel nics. 

Hopefully we will both be proved wrong by using the latest BCM/BASP
software, and my confidence in Dell's Linux solutions (and more
importantly the IT Director's confidence) will be restored. Otherwise,
this will probably be the last high end Dell we purchase with 32 bit
processors and Broadcom nics. 

Instead we will most likely choose systems with 64 bit processors for
resource intensive applications (possibly non-dell since they are anti
Opteron, and seem to be stuck on broadcom in their high end servers),
and xeon based Dell servers for general purpose applications as long as
they keep using integrated Intel nics on their low end PE's. (1650,
1750, etc)

Thanks again to everyone on the list who has taken the time to give
feedback on this issue. I will continue to let you all know how this
turns out. 


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I was having problems with my 6650 crashing ALL the time as well. 
I did the following things and now am stable and reasonably fast. 

1. I disabled the BC NICS and installed Intel NICS
2. I now just use the SMP kernel, PAE is bad, and I really don't need
3. I installed the v.2 Domsch megaraid driver (thanks Matt)
4. Upgrade the firmware on everything... 

BTW: I got the broadcom drivers and utilities SRPM's from the 3Com site
(could not find it at Dell).

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