PCI Config Error

Tom Lesniak TLesniak at lyrix.com
Mon Feb 3 15:33:00 CST 2003

I've got a PE2600, with BIOS Rev. A02  and on the bootup, before it
initializes the PERC 4D/i I get the following error message:

Plug and Play configuration error
   Subsystem : PCI Manager         Error Type : PCI Device Initialization
   Bus#00/Dev#1e/Func#0 : Unknown Device

I figured out that the device that it is complaining about is a Digiboard
serial port expansion card (exact model is : 4r-920-PCI).  I have
successfully used this board in the PE2500 but now I get this error on the
2600. (it also stops the boot process because of this error)

Any suggestions??

     - Tom

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