1 x 2 Backplane for our Pe2600

Paul paul at kbs.net.au
Sun Aug 31 23:35:28 CDT 2003


Thanks for your help below are my responses.

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> On Mon, 1 Sep 2003, at 12:25pm, paul at kbs.net.au wrote:
> > At this point the OS booted correctly but it couldn't see the new
> > I found the new backplane which was listed in dmesg and on the bootup
> > screen but the drives were no where to be found.
>   Go into RAID management (either via BIOS, the Linux-based "megamgr"
> utility, or OpenManage), and verify that the new physical disks are
> present in an array (logical disk).

The new disks are visible in the BIOS and megamgr

>   One possibility is that the new disks are simply not allocated at all.

This could be the case. The are listed in megamgr as "Ready"

>   Another possibility is that the Dell tech reconstructed the existing LD
> incorporate the new disks, growing the total size of the LD.  In that
> you will now have unpartitioned space at the end of your existing LD
> (identified as "sda" in Linux).

/dev/sda hasnt increase in size at all the partiontion table is the same.
Theres no more free cyclinders on the virtual device /dev/sda

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