1750 Broadcom Driver

Stacy Redmond Stacy.Redmond at overture.com
Sat Aug 30 02:39:04 CDT 2003

I am using the 2.4.20 vanilla kernel, and have upgraded the megaraid 
driver to the 1.18f to support the PERC4 card in my new Dell 1750, the 
problem I am having now is that the machine cannot load the Broadcom net 
driver.  I have seen people say different things about using the most up 
to date tg3 drivers instead, but basically I just want to get the 
machine up and running by compiling a working driver into my kernel.
Dell 1750
RedHat 7.3
Kernel 2.4.20
So any and all help would be appreciated.  I did try and patch the 
kernel and rebuild it but the patch caused some errors and the kernel 
will no longer compile if I have the BCM5700 option selected.

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