video card for new DELLprecision system w/ RH9 (no radeon ve? ) John_Hull at
Fri Aug 29 16:27:00 CDT 2003

Dell doesn't even offer the Radeon VE any longer, so it looks like that site
is slightly outdated. That card was replaced with the Nvidia Quadro4 280NVS,
which is what you guys will want to get if you're looking for a low-end
video card. It's actually a much better card and will give you better video
performance than the Radeon VE. 

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Subject: video card for new DELLprecision system w/ RH9 (no radeon ve?)

Can any Dell folks give us some info about this? (see fwd:)

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Hi guys,

   we plan to buy at least one Workstation 650 as a linux system by next
week. When I look at the configuration details on the SLAC/DELL website,
I see the remark "The ATI Radeon (tm)VE video cards cannot be selected
with Red Hat Linux 9.0.". Do either of you have any idea what's the
story there? Since SLAC is forcing us to get RH9 on those systems, are
we really forced to order the ATI, FIRE GL(tm) X1 for an extra 350
bucks? We want to get the system with dual-proc 2.4GHz, 1G RAM, an 18in
LCD, a couple SCSI disks. RH8 is not an option and RH10 will be way too
late for orders this FY. What is your recommendation?

Is there any word of mouth on the internet or at DELL forums that you
heard of that would suggest that the ATI Radeon VE video card is bad


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