afaapps/afasnmp for RH7/8/9

Andrew Mann amann at
Fri Aug 29 10:36:01 CDT 2003

	I hate to post just to say "me too", but this one is also important to 
us.  I don't feel so bad when I remember that if the source were 
available we'd do it ourselves :)
	I also would love to see a stripped down distribution of the omsa snmp 
tools as described previously on this list (dellomsa, dellomsa-drivers, 
ServerAdministrator, and MIBs).  The full omsa is too heavy for us to 
like to run on an already pegged server, and too bulky to feel safe 
running it all from a security standpoint.


Matt Domsch wrote:
>>Does Dell have any plans to release new versions of the AFA CLI
>>apps/snmp tools ?
> Plans, yes.  I don't know the schedule for it though.
>>o a dependency on the arts package - for one of the libraries in it which is
>>  quite annoying as it a completely non server related package and if you
>>  don't use --force you end up with a _large_ amount of crud.
> This one I'm told is fixed when they do get around to releasing it.
>>o a dependency on an older SSL release for the snmp stuff which is also
>>  annoying to need.. and means we don't deploy this anywhere though we'd
>>  like to consider this..
> I'm not sure if this is fixed, but I'll make sure the team doing so knows 
> about this problem and verifies it is fixed.
> Thanks,
> Matt

Andrew Mann
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